With Barry Humphries on the pale, Mick Jagger losing the pout and even Neil Young losing his choreography in favour of the athetoid and truly kooky, Trudy is my assurance of a bright future for the art of comic burlesque, one that's meant to be taken Litely. She is the Marcel Marceau of menagerie, a shining Lite of the Boudoir in the tradition of Lenny Bruce. As she emerges unsteady from another of her whirls and twirls, the six inch tassles on her pasties spinning like the twin rotors of a Black Hawk helicopter, I sit and patiently wait for her tap on the shoulder, and that sultry voice uttering a bored 'you'll do!'.  Last Friday night down at the local Returned Services Club, before staggering home leaning on the shoulder of my old mate Sir Leslie Paterson, I penned a proposal, and now I'm waiting for the call to accompany Trudy as manager on her World Tour of Australia. Andrew Leggett, Independent Writing and Editing Professional, Doctoral candidate in Creative Writing at Griffith University
I have watched her videos for a while now and I find her informative, funny as well as sexy.  She always has a creativity and I think that one day she will have her own TV show.  She is someone to watch for the future. Best to get on board the TrudyLite train now before she leaves for higher things.
Mark Heartford, Actor
I recommend Trudy for her outstanding contribution to film and dance.  She is a Life Coach in Burlesque which, I for one listen and learn from. Burlesque is certainly an art form of which Trudy is a prime example. 
Miss Fabia Cerra, Burlesque Dancer (Britain's Got Talent Finalist 2009)
Trudy is very professional in all she's does.  She is very talented, responsive and listens carefully as to what her clients and business partners want from her and produces/displays exactly to requirements. I'd recommend her to anyone at any time. Well done Trudy. Top Qualities: On Time, High Integrity, Creative.
Clive Dryden, Photographer
I like to be among people who are innovative, energetic and imaginative and who do things to bring change. Trudy Lite is one such person. This is why I recommend her. 
Sheela S. Langeberg, CEO/Owner at African Performing Arts International
Hi Trudy! I watched your response video, and I loved it! I'm going to take your advice and go for the threesome. I probably should admit that I am bi curious, but I still wanted your advice. I hope the guy my girlfriend has in mind gives good head. I'm getting turned on just thinking about it. :) Stay sexy, and I'll be stopping by to watch you every Tuesday.
'I love a good episode of Trudy. A natural performer, a born actress, an exotic, enigmatic and exquisite beauty, one cannot fail to be charmed by her. Hilariously funny, too and some genuine gems of real advice amidst the satire. Recommended, highly. Oh to work with her some day. See you soon, Trudy. Yours,
Anthony Claret x'
Dear Trudy, I'm writing because I want you to know how much you've helped me.  Like many men in their middle years, I've been through my share of burlesque life coaches - I really couldn't say how many.  But it wasn't until I came across your special talent that my life began to change.  There I was, living a humdrum existence with a steady womanfriend, a lovely home, and a good job, under the impression that I was happy.  Well, you soon put a stop to that! 

Thanks to you, in the last month alone, I started a new relationship with an incredibly attractive woman - way out of my league - and dumped her, because you showed me how to.  I fell out with my partner... sorry, I should say "former partner"... when she didn't take too kindly to my idea for her to get some work done in the mammary department - but that idea came from you, Trudy, so I know it must be solid gold.  What's odd is that I seem to have undergone some, erm, reduction surgery in a personal area.  I can't quite remember how that happened and of course I had to give up my job, but the park I'm living in doesn't have that many rats.

So what I'm saying, Trudy, is that I don't know where I'd be without your advice.  I live for your weekly vodcasts and I'm grateful that the library staff let me in to watch them.  It's no surprise to me that you keep on winning awards for burlesque life coaching, and I'm so grateful that you think of people like me who really aren't important enough to have low self esteem, when you have all your glamorous celebrity friends, like Dita.  There must be literally millions of men like me, if not more, all over the world in your debt.  So on behalf of all us, let me say... Long Live Trudy Lite!  Without question, the greatest burlesque life coach ever.

Love and kisses

Simon G"

PS If you can spare some coppers for some food, I can normally be found on the Bakerloo line during daylight hours.